Investment group, Loans, Financial Literacy Education, Credit Rebuild Program and Small Business Loans.”

As your financial partner, we want to ensure you have the tools you need to take control of your finances. All Urban Global Capital customers get access to our financial literacy education courses and interactive tools.

Urban Global Capital is a USA private equity firm who provides capital investment to organizations in marginalized communities across the USA. 

We take a unique approach to business.  We take tremendous pride in being a supportive resource to entrepreneurs, and management teams.  Our goal is to build strong relationships with our current and future partners to change economic conditions in marginalized communities. 


Urban Global Capital provides innovative solutions and intellectual capital for the purpose of delivering high economic impact.   

Our investments span a wide range of industries, Our professional experience and knowledge is integral in helping companies realize their potential. We unlock value by identifying latent companies and enhance their performance by providing capital, operational support, and market strategy to strengthen the brands growth objectives.